Styles of bikini wax treatments are emerging in response to lifestyle and fashion trends. Waxing is the best way to remove unwanted hair from the bikini areas as it gives a smooth, clean surface and long-lasting results. Nowadays there are a few very popular pubic hair removal styles.

Regular Bikini Wax – this style is appropriate for “beginners”. The Bikini Style involves hair removal from the both sides of the bikini line. This pubic hair removal style is also known as “the regular style” and is used mainly by the older women. In other words the regular bikini wax removes hair just around the front of the bikini line.

Landing Strip – A very common bikini “hairstyle”. It basically leaves a bit of pubic hair in the front centre. The strip usually narrows in about 1.25 inches more than the regular wax.

Brazilian Wax – also known as Playboy Style involves removal of hair from the anus, buttocks, vulva and only a very narrow strip is left. The Brazilian wax is among the most preferred bikini styles as it looks sexy and is easy to groom. Recent pulls has shown that the Brazilian style is the most preferred by the men.

Hollywood – The Hollywood is probably the most preferred pubic style. In it the pubic hair is completely removed, usually by waxing. In other words you are completely “bare”. The Hollywood wax involves a complete removal of hair from the buttocks, anus, and vulva.