Red Vein Removal

Broken capillaries or red veins are small blood vessels that have ruptured under the skin.Blood has seeped into the surface layers and these are visible to the eye. Using Diathermy Electrolysis we cauterize the affected area.At first the area treated becomes white (blanched), then over the next few hours the area becomes hot and red. Over the next few days a minute honey coloured crust may appear.

This could last between 4 to 7 days. With the crust falling off naturally we will hopefully have a totally cleared area,faded and lightened area or slightly pinkish area which fades with time.

When booking your first Red Vein Treatment clients will have a free consultation.Depending on severity of area we will ascertain how many treatments will be needed. Aftercare is a very important factor in the successful treatment of Red Vein removal.